The First
Truly personal, windproof
Stove System

Windboiler™ Stove System

A compact
cooking & brewing
machine that
boils water fast
in weather that
shuts other stoves down.

Even a slight breeze
can impact a stove's performance

The WindBoiler
stove system’s enclosed radiant burner makes it
virtually impervious to outside conditions.

In windy & cold weather, its efficient design boils water
faster than
the competition,

using less fuel.

Just howmuch faster?

8 mph

13 kph
12 mph

19 kph
does not boil

Unrivaled performance meets ultimate convenience

BPA-Free Lid with Drinking and Straining Ports

Insulated, Easy-Grip Cozy with Handle

1.0L Pot with Built-In
Heat Exchanger

Twist-Lock Connection
with Stove

Ultra-Efficient Radiant Burner

Pressure Regulator For Consistent Performance

Full-Size Bowl:
16 oz. / .47L image of bowl

Folding Canister Stand

Premium, Clean-Burning IsoPro™ Fuel (sold separately)

Limitless versatility: Customize Your System

Pack the power. Easy, compact storage.

What makes it windproof?

image of heat exchanger

It starts with the WindBoiler stove’s radiant burner that offers greater performance, fuel efficiency and wind resistance than open-flame burners.

The stove draws all the oxygen it needs in through ports near its burner, allowing the pot's heat exchanger to protect the flame and maximize heat.

A pressure regulator ensures the stove maintains consistent power, even if canister pressure drops.

The result is a stove that operates fast and reliably, even in challenging conditions.

Tested & proven by

2.5 years of R&D

2.5 years of R&D video

Wind speed testing at
MSR Seattle headquarters

Wind speed testing video

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